Went to the mall after school today to scope out the store I may apply to. It’s a baby clothing store. It looks…soft. And blue. How sexist is that?

On the plus, it’s near the coffee stand, which is cool. I didn’t have the time to go in or anything, so I just did the creepy stalker thing in that corner of the balcony where there were a couple of other creepy stalker types gazing creepily at the coffee crowd below.

Somethings I noticed about the mall –

It is bigger.

It is richer.

It is perpetually full of high school kids, no matter what time of day or night is.

My favorite non-chinese restaurant has disappeared from the cafeteria. I know the bastards only took cash (what the FUCK is up with that? Fix your goddam credit card machine or buy a new one, bitches!) but damn that chicken was good.

Things I realized today: thinking about food I can’t have makes me kinda violent.