I was this close to just skipping out on math. Not in the fun, let’s-go-hang-in-the-mall-instead way, though. In the going-to-cower-under-the-covers-at-home-and-feel-pathetic way. Because I totally took advantage of the professor’s generous extension of the test date to study absolutely nothing. And I wasn’t sure I could handle the disappointment (more accurately, utter contempt and disdain) in his eyes. Especially after I had to skip breakfast this morning and couldn’t find anything to eat because this campus is absolute crap at keeping its students fed. Hamburger-and-fries place? Opens at eleven. Bookstore: out of dove chocolates, out of goddam Snickers (really, who runs out of Snickers?). And yeah, that’s about it for food options here except Subways, and I’d sooner cram a pencil in my eye than choke down another sweet onion chicken terryaki (or so I thought back at ten in the morning. Now, it’s sounding quite good).

I ended up going, though, because skipping statistics? Just never a good idea. Never, ever. I know that. Still, sitting stock still, terrified and hungry for almost an hour will do things for your priorities list. So, going to study today. Hard. Real hard. And tomorrow, too. And that’s about it, cause then it’s test day. And I’m going to kick that test’s ass.

I’m in the library waiting for the bus now. I can’t help but think once again of how much I’ve grown to really like this little craphole, and how much I used to hate it. Apparently recently someone has been wandering around and quietly turning things upside down, or so the librarians say. They’ve been finding things upside down for weeks now. My guess is one of the latest batch of bums has a little OCD.

And, holy shit, I forgot another of this library’s “quirks”: the clocks that are over five minutes behind. Let’s pray I didn’t miss the bus, y’all.