Ok, before I go? I was talking to my dog (my social life is jumpin‘ like that) and somehow I ended up thinking about the bookstore’s lack of Dove Smooth Milk Chocolates. And yes, I got pissed. Why? Why is it taking so long to get the new order in (heh, I did ask, and was reassured a week ago that it had been placed).

Why? I’m so hungry. Not in the physical way; soul-hungry. Also, getting kinda bitchy.

I wonder if this is God’s idea of an intervention. Not funny, Lord (from what I gather watching the A&E show “Intervention”, the ultimate goal of any seems to be a good long laugh). *munches discontentedly on fried cheese*

On the glass-half-full side, thinking about my sista choking down carrot sticks and potato chips for dinner kind of makes me feel better.