Well, I like to think I know myself pretty well. I mean, I spend a lot of time in self-absorbed contemplation. And right now, I’m judging myself to be too tired to really study statistics. Instead, I’m going to sleep. Yes, at nine o’ clock. And then I have four hours tomorrow (assuming I skip that Psychology of Condescending Hippiness and Organic Fruits class, which I am) to let everything sink in. I’m probably feeling some overconfidence in my ability to do well on this test. But then, my “do well” standards are pretty low when it comes to stats. I just want a B. Yes, a B- will do. Although I am disappointed I probably won’t get to do the extra credit thousand pages of homework. It was only a couple of points (literally, two points) but still. I’m going to be all ashamed and stuff. Oh well; I’ve yet to hand in a single extra credit homework in all the class and a half this prof’s had me; why oh why does he continue to expect it?

I had other stuff to say. No, really. I even had nicknames, but I’m very tired. Off to bed I go.