Wow, what a lovely little post that last one was. Seriously, skip it.

Anyway, I’m in the library again, because I’ve realized there’s nowhere else I ever really get around to posting here. My stomach just growled, even though I had two bowls of Fruit Loops all of an hour and a half ago. Shut up, stomach. That dove bar is for tomorrow. Although, in related Fruit Loops news, they must have changed something in their Reduced Sugar edition because it’s suddenly delicious, whereas before it was pure cardboard. (!) I thought I had picked up the regular by mistake. I’ve since moved the cereal and thrown away the box without looking at it, because I really don’t want to know how the fuck they managed it. I suspect it has something to do with adding whatever it is that lets you eat half the box and still feel hungry. Still, delicious.

Today I get the test back in my Legitimate Psychology class (unlike some other courses that won’t be named…right now), which should cheer me up a little before I take the memory test, which will probably be fairly depressing. Oh, and my initial instinct that a class about memory would be unbelievably dull? So right. And then there’s my wonderful lab with my wonderful TA, and hopefully another not-quite-safe ride home from Patricia. Oh, Patricia.

My mother has decided to help me find a job. Except, while the idea of more monies in my bank account for her to raid sounds attractive to her, she doesn’t really want me to. Not really. Still, she’s spoken with “someone” who “knows” the “owner” of a cafe – or bakery – or grocerystore-someplace, anyway, who “may” be looking for someone. No, she doesn’t know where this mystery place is, or what it’s called, or what they sell. And no, this isn’t going to go anywhere. Still, I got my hair did and my eyebrows too (which means that once again the surrounding skin is all red and my eyebrows are thin and sort of shapeless and totally chongalicious). Which is nice.

Shut up, stomach! Oh, alright, have a little square. *shiver* Seriously, this chocolate is good.