I’ve decided it’s best to take the first one that forms off. I don’t know why I was ever under the impression you’re not supposed to.

But yeah, you peel that first one off, and then moisturize for the next few days while the new, neater one comes in. No scars, no weird, ugly healing process. It’s like the first time your body’s too excited and it’s all “yeah! clot! clot! clot!clo – layer! layer!” But then when it has to go back and do it over a few days later it’s all “Uh, sorry. I’ll just. Um. Cover that.”

And you’re all, “With skin?” Like, “Not that weird mess you made before?”

And he’s all, “Um. Yeah. *beat* Sorry.” And blushes. And then you have to keep your disapproving face long enough to round the corner before you smile because you have the cutest epidermis, all young and scraggly-haired and gay and shy and excitable, with just a couple of tattoos here and there that he got for his boyfriend (who smokes, by the way, and you obsess about their relationship a little more than is healthy and watch them standing around in the parking lot from your window when he stops by during your epidermis’s lunch break) and I know I shouldn’t be assigning any of my organs personalities or sexual orientations, alright? So shut up.