My, this semester just slipped right past me. It’s a couple of weeks until the last day of class (well, three, technically speaking), and I have three papers papers and five major exams to attend to. Oh, joy. Thankfully, the toughest paper is actually not as long as I feared – only about five pages, really, although she wants a ridiculous amount of sources (and an abstract!) for it, which is why I assumed it was a twenty page monster. It’s the due dates that caught me off guard; next semester, I totally need to immediately tape all of my syllabi on the wall, deadlines highlighted.

Some thoughts:

I don’t know whether to still take summer classes. There’s no financial aid for summer (can we say SCAM, considering that nine credits are required? greedy bitches), and since I’ve decided to stay the four years here I have time, sort of, to do that later. And not a lot of money right now. Still, maybe one class would be nice, except, again, wondering how worth-it it’d be to commute all that way and back for one probably shitty class. Eh, I’ve got a week to think it through (considerably more time than for some of those papers/tests, but…m’eh).

That whole going-to-England thing I occasionally humor my sister about? Totally going to do it. It’ll take a few years, but, considering the depth and tenure of my love affair with that country, how could I not? It’s one of those things that’s simply going to have to happen. And if I have to outright live there for a few years, to make the trip worthwhile? So it goes.

I’ve been watching Boy Meets World clips/episodes online. Let’s not get into why, but some of those episodes were pretty enjoyable. Troubled!Shawn remains my guilty pleasure – cringeworthy (a cult? really?) but I can’t tear myself away. Tragically, he does cut his hair pretty short later on (WHY?). Also, the subtle slashy undertones between Shawn and Cory I remember are actually pretty blatant, which is hilarious.