I’m no good at greetings, then, but this is my first real post on wordpress! *throws confetti* So far I’m enjoying it a lot more than blogger, because I can see how many times people (ok, me when logged off) visit it, and there’s lots of themes and things on the sides and stuff.

Let’s recap: I’m still a student. I’m still jobless and probably near broke. I still live with my parents. Life is good, yes?

Ma sista was in my dream last night! We went down to the beach for a night of wandering around and she was was driving my mom’s old car, though she kept insisting it was a new car she had just bought (because 90’s station wagons are totally the preferred mode of transportation for young twenty-somethings nowadays). The entire dream was alternately boring and completely jacked up, much like my life, but looking back I can see it all centered around the car. I can’t imagine what that might mean, but I’m going to go with “nothing” because I’m not one to believe in dream interpretations. Still, it’s always nice to remember your dreams (at least for me, probably because I never can).

And it’s just occurred to me that the reason I remember this one is because I woke up four or five times last night to stagger to the bathroom and blow my nose. I’m sick. But not usefully sick, not “ah damn got a fever gotta skip statistics” sick or “sorry I need to lie down and can’t do any chores today” sick. Just sore-throat-y and stuffy nosed so that I sound like a nasally, badly aged chain smoker who makes very unladylike sounds with the snorting, hacking and nose-blowing. Sigh, cough.

The worst part about being sick is the foodstuffs I can’t eat anymore. For example: last week in a fit of delusion I bought two bars of Dove Smooth Milk Chocolates. They’ve been lying about in my bag ever since, taunting me with their phlegm enhancing smooth milk chocolaty goodness. Don’t even get me started on hot chocolate and cheese. One thing I’ve realized over the last week or so is how much of my diet relies on dairy products.

Still, I haven’t given up my goal of gaining twenty pounds, and continue to pig out when I want to, although I’ve had to alter my choices here and there – soup instead of pizza, hamburger instead of Subways (because I couldn’t bring myself to order the sweet onion chicken terryaki without provolone cheese, I just couldn’t), and I’ve actually come to find there are flavors I actually like quite a bit that I don’t eat enough of (I have the preferences of a ten year old) – like oranges. So, at least my tastes are growing. Soon I’ll be enjoying veggie salads and fish like everyone else (!). Right?