1) So, you know how one of the worst things about public transport is that you’re surrounded by strange, diseased people?

I’m totally one of those people. For now, anyway.

Raggedy clothes? Check. Homeless hair, heavy bags under eyes, check, check. Hacking cough – double check. On the plus side, people don’t sit next to me as much.

2) Tea is okay. Really! Or, more honestly, it can be. The first few cups I made were god awful terrible, yes, but eventually I figured out the key to really decent tea: always go the most commercialized, conventional route. Lipton Green Tea! Add honey and sugar – yes, and– and enjoy. And if you start to think “this really isn’t as good as coffee,” well, shut up. It’s better than plain, old, flavorless hot water, anyway.

3) I’m pretty positive when ill, and my writing has a lot of exclamation marks (!).