Well, I just got my took the final and got my paper back for Psychology of Condescending Hippiness and Organic Fruits. The test went surprisingly well, and the paper got an A and the weirdest commentary as she handed it back. Something along the lines of, “Hmm. It was…good. Have you taken Research Methods yet? [I haven’t]. Well. It was…good. You…you followed directions.” I still have no idea whether I should take this positively or not.

During the requisite pre-test cram session, the final itself and afterwards while discussing the course with someone, I found myself thinking about the class, and why I despised it so. I thought perhaps it was the PowerPoint notes – maybe I’m old-school and think the only way to properly learn is pure oral lecture and Q&A. It would certainly make sense for me to think so – the classes where I’ve learned the most and hardest (Development, High School AP Bio, ect.) have all employed that style. Is there something about having to listen that helps push the learning process along, makes you go the extra mile? But…my favorite class this semester (bar Honors, of course) has been Personality, where we have…PowerPoint notes. PowerPoint notes that are hosted online, as if to say “Pay attention to the lecture? You don’t even have to come to class!” Which throws my forced-to-work theory out the window.

But I know I learned more in Personality than in Condescending Hippiness. Maybe it’s subject matter? Ok, makes sense; if I find it interesting and fun, I’m obviously going to pay more attention, even enjoy reading texts and listening in class. Learning is inevitable.

But wait: the dread Statistics. In no world are you going to be able to conclude that I in any way enjoy stats; but fuck, do I ever learn. I learn so hard I can actually feel my brain shifting and groaning and rearranging itself to accommodate this new information that I’ll (hopefully, as I don’t want to ever re-learn this stuff ever again) remember forever, like the alphabet song. And then there was Intro to Creative Writing. I like writing creatively. I like reading creatively-written things; but I can assure you, I learned absolutely nothing in that class. I mean, things were taught, but somehow it was all I could manage to hold on to the things I already knew about creative writing, and I just left it at that.

Of course, Stats Professor is teh wonderful. The Russian accent, the incredulous you-don’t-know-this-already? teaching style, the snark – it’s no wonder I learn in his class – his personality and humour pull me towards the material like a moth to the…well, you get it. I have to learn! How can I not listen to anything this man says? It’s the professor, not the class. And my Personality prof; she has style and reminds me of myself, so obviously I liked her immediately. But now we’re back to Development, as taught by Professor Subtly Misogynistic, where I learned a hell of a lot more than in Bio Lab – and we all know how in love I am with that particular TA (and, despite it being just a lab, there was surprisingly much to learn, though I never did bother.

My point is, I guess: picking a good class is a total crapshoot. You may love the professor, but the class itself is utterly worthless, or you’re OK with the material but can barely restrain your “Good God woman, shut UP!” when the prof opens her ridiculous mouth.

Or, you know, they both suck – which is really the norm hereabouts, anyway. The joys of attending a mediocre school.