And with that, I’m finally done with Spring Semester! *lounges around watching Bravo reality TV for several months*

I’m finishing school on a Saturday because I was a horrible, lazy person who waited until the very last minute to finish the paper her professor so generously gave her an blank-check extension on. This paper was due last Thursday, people. Still, for any future professors/teachers out there – never, never say “just turn it in some time next week”. Ever.

Now I’m all kinds of guilt because when I emailed it to him, he replied very curtly. *is intimidated*. Why yes, I do need to be unhealthily coddled to feel comfortable around authority figures. How did you ever guess?

Anyway, it’s near midnight and I’m ded tired (although, it is from waking up extra-early to work on late paper, so I feel good about this). I’m going to go…hit the hay. Also, the hell? Everything is sounding sexual to me lately.

On that note, good night. (very good night. Oh, damn it!)