And damn, do I ever hate spelling that girl’s last name. Still, as a card-carrying member of the still-ridiculously-in-love-with-all-things-BTVS club, this means I’ll have to watch tonight. I try to make it a point to watch things with former cast members. Well, except Torchwood. Or Smallville. Uh, sorry JM…still like you though, in a you-make-me-uncomfortable way. *pets*

The summary says she’ll be playing the part of a girl from the main character’s “bad girl past”. I assume this means we’ll be getting sexed up, trendy, heavy make-up Michelle. If you’ve ever seen that episode of Law and Order, or Mysterious Skin, you’ll know what I mean. Frankly, it’s a really good look on her – although she’s pretty striking anyway you dress her up.


UPDATE: Pictures, video, and links to recaps now up on my “morning after” post.