Heh. I’m straight, I swear.

Now, a confession: I couldn’t watch all of Gossip Girl last night, though I tried. I did enjoy Trachtenberg’s scenes (and I was right about them loading up on the eye-makeup!), but the b and c plots (which, GG? You really only subplot per episode, thanks) were so eye-rollingly ridiculous I actually preferred A&E’s shameless exploitation of the drug and alcohol addicted (Intervention! Catch it Monday primetimes!).

 So, because I was switching back and forth, I’ll admit I couldn’t quite understand what was going on, so won’t try to recap for fear I’ll look a total idiot. I’ll let these people do it for me (if anyone’s interested):

Wicked Wench has a really well done recap (with link to a fuller recap) here (there’s videos and everything! Way more effort than I could put in, but pretty convenient for anyone interested).

There’s also the TelevisionWithoutPity recaplet (I flove those) here.

Someone on youtube was awesome enough to put up the scenes with Trachtenberg. So…for those of you who want to see her in action but don’t want the pain of actually watching an entire Gossip Girl episode:

And a short little video of Michelle talking about her character and the show. I like her jacket (although, I guess it isn’t really hers).