Almost a week ago we discovered that a young bird couple, clearly insane, had decided to build a nest in one of our front yard trees. On Wednesday the nest (which by the way is awesome and made of twigs, leaves, gum wrappers, an old potato chips bag and random pieces of paper) had four blue-white tiny little eggs inside. Aw. On Saturday I went out to get a picature of said eggs and found this:


Like, OMG, nature!! The baby birdies are pretty hideous. They look like something ate some baby birds and then threw them up half-digested. Aw.

While I was snapping pictures, perched rather precariously on a crappy plastic stool we have, MamaBird came swooping out of nowhere and tried to kill me. Luckily I did not die, which would have been beyond awkward (“so what happened” “she, uh…she fell off a small crappy stool while trying to take pictures of her tree” “ah, one of those”). MamaBird then hung around one of the nearby branches, looking at me like “Bitch, I will CUT you.”

My entire family – but particularly myself, my mom and my dad – have been following our little bird family’s progress a little obsessively. We’ve discovered that this is not, in fact, a broken family – both mom and pop are around. We’ve filled the old fountain up with water. We put a bit of garbage bag over the dead branches over the nest, so as to protect the little birdies from the scorching sun and the rain.

I’m still trying to figure out what would drive any living thing to try and make it out here – I realize I’m not, say, in the inner city or anything, but still – I can’t help but worry about what they’re eating, where they’re finding water, ect.. I feel invested in them now. Bleh. I still need names – if there were three babies and not four I would name them Vera, Chuck and Dave (hat tip the Beatles). Actually, I might do that anyway. The father, of course, is Captain Jack Sparrow (although actually, I have no idea what type of bird this is). Hey, how about one more hideous baby picture for the road*?

tunnels? tulips? trumpets? no, baby birdies!


*when I showed this to my little sister she said, “What the hell? What? What are these tulips?” I don’t know whether I was more amused by the fact that the babies do look more like tulips than birds, or by her genuine distress at being shown a picture of some tulips.