a week old) but I just like it

My dog woke me up ungodly early as usual, so I went to check the nest. All four of the little idiots had managed to tumble out of their nest. These are obviously not the brightest little birds in all the bird kingdom.

OK, to recap: we found a bird’s nest with little eggs, and then little birds inside. We became obsessed with our feathered neighbors. We put a garbage bag above the tree (which is unusually scrawny) to protect them from the summer sun.


We picked them up when they fell out of the nest. We picked them up again. And again. We speculated that the nest was far too small, and the birds perhaps a little slow.

Which brings us last night, or early afternoon. We decided to go with my mom’s idea of a sort of platform beneath the nest, as it became obvious that the birds would keep falling until one or all were dead. We put a small towel inside of a sleeping bag and then wound it around the branches and things underneath the nest.

 Every single time we checked the faux!nest, another bird (or two) would be somewhere in the folds. Is this normal? I put them back each time with my gardening gloves. We’ve wondered whether it might not be better to simply leave all the birds in the larger, probably safer faux!nest, but animals are very strange sometimes, and I’m afraid the mother won’t recognize/feed them if they’re not in the nest where she left them. So, back on top of each other they go.

This morning when I checked, the nest was completely empty. All of them landed in faux!nest, though, which was a relief and also kind of cute.

Aw, they’re getting little wings. That makes them slightly less repulsive. I think I’ll call these three Vera, Chuck and Dave.

The nest looks rather comfy from above – the only problem is that the birdies sometimes get lost in the folds, so I may have to make it tighter.

It\'s Faux!Nest, savior of all things falling baby

One more baby for the road –

I’ll call this one Eddie. And all four little baby monster-dinosaurs are accounted for, hurrah.

UPDATE: One of the little birdies died. Yes, it’s sad. I’ve decided that it was Eddie, so now it’s just Vera, Chuck, and Dave.