So, I’ve long suspected that I have an unhealthy relationship with food. And, ok, I probably have an unhealthy relationship with a lot of things, like people, and money. And God. And colours. And television.

But, uh, we’re just looking at the food right now. I found an…interesting site, called FitDay, where you can get a rough – emphasis on the rough – estimate of how many calories you’re consuming, as well as different vitamins, iron, sodium, and a giant list of things that no sane person should ever attempt to track. I should say immediately that I’m philosophically against these kinds of sites – I don’t think people should generally be counting calories or dissecting their food. I mean, I guess it works as a hobby, but still. So does knitting, or cycling.

But because I’m a huge hypocrite I want to try this out, anyway. Because, right, I’m currently underweight, have been for a long, long time – maybe since childhood, since I don’t think I’ve actually gotten much skinnier – and I’m kind of curious to see how I’m eating. I attempted a food log a while ago, but it died.

It’s only the first day, and I’ve only had breakfast and lunch, but I was pretty disappointed in the results. I had eaten:

– A bowl of cereal (cheerios, to be specific) for breakfast

– one boiled egg and one piece of toasted bread with butter

– three cups of water

And my calorie count only came up to 367. I mean, that’s pathetic. To make matters worse, according to this thing I’ve burned 2302 calories, apparently just by being alive, walking about 15 total minutes to and from bus stop, and dancing a little. More than half of this, they tell me, was burned by way of basal metabolism. It seems a bit too high for me. Only 69 burnt calories came from the walking and dancing. I think they’re overestimating my basal metabolism as well as my lifestyle. Aren’t you supposed to be eating about 2000 calories a day? If you burnt that much just by being alive we’d all be super thin. Add the earlier tiny carlorie count for the breakfast/lunch, andI’m thinking the software here just isn’t much good.

Calories Burned Today

  cals % total
Total: 2302  
Basal: 1367 59%
Lifestyle: 867 38%
Activities: 69 3


Then I added the three table spoons of honey I usually pour on my cheerios, and the chips I ate as a snack and my calorie intake went all the way up to 1169. Yeah, it like tripled. Which, what? Four table spoons of honey have twice as any calories as the cheerios I pour it on? Whatever, FitDay.

The good news is, because I’m a huge hypocrite I can ignore the probably-faulty programming and keep this up a bit, now that I think I can make it to my calorie intake goal for the day (you know, after I add dinner, maybe a late night ice cream bowl). We’ll see how this goes.

Right now my weight is about 113. My goal weight is 125. I put the deadline extremely far away, because I don’t believe in deadlines when it comes to your body. I’m also tracking my iron, protein and fat intake. Here’s how I’m doing so far:

Custom Nutrition Goals
Nutrient Units Intake Min Intake Goal Max Intake Goal
Calories kcal 1169.3 2200
Total Fat g 57.54
Protein g 18.92 46
Iron mg 9.96 15


 I realize I’m falling pathetically short on everything (the minimums follow the advice of the government). Particularly protein. But it’s only the first day, after all.

…And now to end this post abruptly.