I know, I know. But it occurred to me as I recorded what I’d eaten today, my activities and so on, that this felt just like yesterday. Instant boredom set in. I think I’d rather try to keep a food log again – just an old fashion food log. What I really want to keep track of, anyway, is the quality and quantity of the food I’m eating. Nevermind the rest.

For today:

– Cheerios with honey. Again (can you tell my kitchen is rocking the bare cupboards look?).

Oatmeal prepared with milk, sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, salt. I also took out all the grains (which I know is the healthy part. I’m sorry) to make a sort of extra thick hot chocolate and added some shredded bread (I have the tastes of a three year old, I know).

 – Rice, pork and beans. Basic but delicious.

And that’s all so far. Usually I have a snack (I think? Well, that’s what foodlogs are for), but today, nada.

So, goodbye, FitDay. We’re just not compatible.