Except this time it’s not “aw, look at the wittle baby illness!” It’s more like “Arg! Something’s trying to kill me!”

Ok, maybe it’s not quite fatal, but it’s all throat-hurt-y and stomach-nauseated-y and I can’t eat or drink anything without gagging and my nose is all kinds of stuffed and I can’t stand at all without feeling dizzy and every time I close my eyes I feel like I’m on some lame, shaky Disney ride. Bleh.

I blame exercise. This is totally what happens to people in my family who try to get fit. They go half-deaf, or they get thyroid infections.

You know, I probably shouldn’t try to post here when I’m all woozy and drugged up. I mean, look. But I had to, kind of, because my grandmother called and when she heard I was sick suggested a home remedy: sliced onions in a bowl, add freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey and enjoy. Yeah, I’m supposed to have a couple of tablespoons of that every few hours. It’ll cure me right up, she says. OK, grandma. I just want to remember that. In case this Tylenol/Zyrtec/Nasal Drip cocktail mix thing I’ve got going on decides to never start working.

Maybe I should add some VapoRub.