Or Glen. What’s more important than sex organs is how gosh darned cute it is. Lookit!

Having a bird is the oddest thing. It sits there. Occasionally, it moves. It’s chirped once or twice. Everything it does is very important, much more so than anything our poor dog does (he’s immediately jealous, and will start barking when any of us go to talk to the little thing).

I can’t tell yet if it’s a little boy or a girl. Luckily, I have awesome names reserved for either occasion. As you can tell, this post is just a flimsy excuse for me to post pictures. Here it is not playing (for hours!) with one of its toys.

Hard to tell in the other photos, what attracted me to little Abbey/Glen was the pale yellow coloring (all the other birds had a really solid green/yellow/blue/black thing going on, while Abbey rocked the pastels) was this blue-grayish thing on its stomach. My bird is so soothing.

I think that’ll do it for Abbey/Glen’s introduction to the universe. So endeth one of my more shameless posts (look! pictures!)