But interview I must, so I spent all morning going over and over my appearence and carefully re-editing my resume only to have a random representative completely ignore all of that in favor of asking me ridiculous questions. I think it went okay, though. I think I do pretty well in interviews overall. Ok, so I’ve only actually had three. But all three went okay. I think. Well, I didn’t get the job at the first one and the other two are still in the air. But still. I mean, I only resent them, I don’t actually crash and burn. Mostly.

This particular session’s Awkward Moment came when she glanced over my application and saw that I had actually put hours in the “availability” section. My hours go mostly (I have class and all, afterall) from the time the mall opens (a few hours before the store itself would) to the time the mall closes. This was not enough, I learned. “You have to be available all the time.” She tells me. “Are you available any time?”

Me: “….yes, I can do that.”

So I had to cross out that entire line and write “open” instead. Eek. But other than that things went smoothly. Also, I dressed perfectly, and so for once I could look around and silently mock everyone who under and overdressed. Losers! I don’t think the interviewers noticed dress much, though, really.

After all that I went I bought myself a little prezzie to celebrate. Or comfort. Something, I don’t know. I wanted a necklance, dammit! It was steep – twenty bucks, after taxes – but I don’t regret it. It’s so purty, basic and pretty. It’s a clef note on a simple, flat, square silver charm.