‘Cause, why not? I’m calling him Glen now because I’m mostly sure it’s a boy, and because I like saying “Glen”. It really is a gorgeous name. He’s not scared of me at all. In fact, I’m occasionally a little scared of him – but that’s how it is with all small animals. It’s one of my issues quirks.

Now, a budgie’s sex is mostly guessed at by the colour of it’s cere. Which is that nose looking thing on top of it’s beak. Blue means it’s a little guy, and any number of colours (including, frustratingly, pinkish-whitish with…blue) but mostly pink-peach-brownish would suggest you’ve got a little lady.

With little Glen-still-possibly-Abbey I’m guessing boy, even though there’s a good amount of purple just hanging around there, and the nostrils are more whitish than I’d like.


 Enough of that business. Here’s a nicer piccie of my dog trying to kill my bird. Glen’s like “What?”