I already whined about my failings as a blogger not too long ago, so I’m not going to rehash all that. But if you’re wondering “Tuesday, where are you right now as a blogger?” You can just go read that again because I haven’t made any progress whatever.

I did start summer classes. It’s a required research methods class that would be mind-numbingly boring if not for the excitement of attempting the course without the required text (which costs one hundred and forty dollars! I can’t even split that with someone right now). Not knowing all of the material I’m to be tested on really keeps me on my toes.

On the other hand, I’d forgotten totally what going to school was like. I woke up today after five or so hours of sleep, threw myself out of bed, brushed my teeth, showered, put on one (1) shirt and one (1) pair of pants, choked down some Lucky Charms, wiped my new bird’s bum (hopefully it’s just stress from the move that’s had him pooping weirdly – it happens to literally all my pets when I first get them), threw on some earrings and staggered out into the world. Seriously, I put near no effort at all into my appearance today. It’s strangely freeing. Yes, I am wearing my crappy jeans with my crappy shirt. So WHAT? (thank you, Tyra).

And then I sat and didn’t do my homework and listened to music outside of the library for about twenty minutes until the sound of time being wasted got to me. I know I need to be more careful than this in the future though, because this class is only like a month long, so I can’t really screw up a few assignments and then excel at the very end in the usual collegiate fashion.

Now excuse me while I fight my way through hordes of summer camp kids in order to get to class.