The good news is, my sister finally sent me the Baltimore pictures I’ve been waiting for, along with some obsessively decorated/organized small gifts and tokens of appreciation. The fruits of her obsessive labour:

 A ridiculously beautiful birthday card. It’s a little known fact that I’m a lover of bikes (littler known, probably, because mine is stashed away in the shed all day and night…it’s hot down here!). While I was in Baltimore I spent a lot of time teaching my sister about my bikes of choice – the vintage, three speed roadsters – I pointed them out on the street, would force her to stop a mo’ so we could appreciate their beauty together. I didn’t know why I was doing this – I had this feeling, like she should know so that I could someday get something out of this, and I was right! I put this card on my dresser instead of the card pile because it cheers me up. 

 old bicycle

Yay. Ok, moving on.

She sent me back my cassadaga necklance which I suspect she actually stole accidentally left behind. Her inability to do things simply resulted in a little paper package which I love.

cassadaga necklace

Because I’m now also a lover of birds (not the in illegal way! In the crazy-park-lady way.) she sent me a button, which is now on my overbuttoned book-bag.

peace button

And then she gave me two useful things. A notebook…notebook

 And a CD – the music of some old European folk singes or…something. OK, I haven’t heard it yet, but I will. Honest. She actually bought it in this very paper envelope (adding the striped line later herself) – no CD case or proper cover. Which is another thing I love about Baltimore: the thousand and some odd weird, little stores and shops where I could just browse in confusion and buy five dollar trinkets all day long.

folk cdcd back

Although I agree she probably could have used her a time a little more productively than this, I can’t really argue with it. Why waste time looking for a place to live when there’s a lovely sister to send presents to? Thanks sis!

 get WRITE to it!