about how terrible I am, and “aren’t I a terrible person? You agree, right? No, I am!” Luckily, I found the last thing I lost – my beautiful Cassadaga necklace. So my jean pocket isn’t a portal to another universe where valuables go to die, after all. I dropped it in the backyard somehow, and my dad found while cleaning. Yay. I mean, that still leaves the ipod, the earrings, the flash drive, and the other earrings in the list of “things I’ve lost in the last two weeks alone”, but at least now there won’t be an entire post with entitled thusly for me to regret publishing later.

Geez. What a bunch of sorry and confused sentences. You sorry excuse for a paragraph. Note to self: must re-learn how to write in a way which makes sense to others and as well as self. Preferably before that paper is due next month.