called Bosie. I got him as a male companion *cough, cough* for poor Glen, who was lonely. He’s turned out to be an utter killjoy and a freak, and also potentially a girl, but what the hey – Glen loves him anyway. Lord Alfred is a little more fickle about kisses and snuggling, but Glen’s needy as hell and will take anything he can get. It’s adorable.

Here he is in all his green glory.


We were tempted to call him Turtle, or Lemon, but I refuse to give my pets less than dignified names. Well. Except for Chewy, I guess. Glen and Bosie get along wonderfully well, except for the occasional incident of Bosie biting and generally rejecting Glen’s advances.

This is my favorite picture ever:

Glen’s a bit of a pudgie budgie, while Bosie’s slender and…lithe. Ok, sorry for that. The moral of the story is this: Bosie is a very pretty boy. Yes he is. What a pretty boy! Hello, Bosie.