Apparently it’s the birthing season, or something, because the Humane Society is full to bursting with kittens and can’t take another feline. This is bad news for The Cat, who I renamed Kitten because she’s tiny, it’s cuter, and now that her baby’s resting in peace she can actually pass for one. I want to avoid Animal Services because they euthanize, and I’m thinking that

a) she’s a cat, not a dog

b) she’s an older kitty

and c) not many people adopt through them anyway (damn you, Petco and “free kittens” boxes)

So, finding Kitten a home is  going to be a little more complicated than I thought. I’ve built up a small army of animal shelter numbers and websites, but again – birthing season, or whatever.

In other news, I painted my nails orange. Well, I thought it was orange, but it’s turned out more of a…rust. Hmm.

I swear she looks healthier now (the lazy eye is totally gone!):

Kitten, with her dearly departed...kitten.

Kitten, with her dearly departed...kitten.