October 2008

lest she break out in hives. So, it’s finally getting a bit colder down here – the last two nights have been down around fifty degrees! I haven’t broke a sweat in nearly three days! Hurray seasonal changes! Unfortunately, the winters down here are kind of unstable, so that yesterday we dropped thirty degrees and I nearly died (seriously, I spent all day shivering. I think I may have lost some weight). Today, I wake up and promptly curl up and whimper (internally) for a while as the cold tried to become one with me.

So that when I rushed out of the house to catch the bus (late as usual) I realized a bit belatedly that hey, I only own flimsy t-shirts! So I grabbed some vaguely-thick looking half-sleeve thing from my sister’s closet and off I went. Only it turns out it wasn’t really as cool today as yesterday, by like ten or fifteen degrees, so that on what was easily the best day I’ve seen in a year to be wearing sturdy jeans and a good t-shirt, I was nearly-sweating (but not quite! thanks, dove deodorant!) and just kind of uncomfortable.

Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass doors of a building and realized that I’m actually wearing the ugliest. fucking. sweater. ever. I literally paled. It’s hideous! There’s glitter involved, and fakefakefake diamond things, and a drawing of a fucking butterfly! I can’t even think about it, it makes me feel faint. When you consider my hotmess hair (I really, really need to get myself to a salon to straighten my roots – they’re nearly two inches and I look infuckingsane), and my poor, yellowed, unpolished, bittendown nails, and I probably look like I just, just barely function. Sigh.


Or, y’know, just take note. After weeks of hanging out at the pharmacy indecisively between bus routes and feeling uncomfortably guilty about the fact that half my nail polish bottles currently reside in a sad vinyl make-up bag at the bottom of my dresser, I finally dug up three bucks of my hard earned cash and bought another Milani – “Cool Vibe”.

That was on Friday. I put it on last night and was quite pleased – I had been staying away from hot pink because it can look quite tacky, but this color was very strong, without being dark, and I floved it with all my shallow little heart. Then I walked into the bathroom, glanced down lovingly and bam – I had purple nails! Dark, dull, purple nails. At least I can put to rest all my thoughts on how I would look in purple – the answer is a loud, definitive “god awful”. Ugh.

As far as I can tell, the color change has nothing to do with light intensity, so I assume it’s the type of lightbulb. I can’t confirm this because I have no idea what kind of lightbulbs I have, and no, I never will. But sometimes my nails are awesomecoolpink, sometimes fuglydepressingpurple. *shrug*

And yeah, this is how I come back after a long and unexplained hiatus. You can really tell how critical, complex and thoughtful this blog is, can’t you?