lest she break out in hives. So, it’s finally getting a bit colder down here – the last two nights have been down around fifty degrees! I haven’t broke a sweat in nearly three days! Hurray seasonal changes! Unfortunately, the winters down here are kind of unstable, so that yesterday we dropped thirty degrees and I nearly died (seriously, I spent all day shivering. I think I may have lost some weight). Today, I wake up and promptly curl up and whimper (internally) for a while as the cold tried to become one with me.

So that when I rushed out of the house to catch the bus (late as usual) I realized a bit belatedly that hey, I only own flimsy t-shirts! So I grabbed some vaguely-thick looking half-sleeve thing from my sister’s closet and off I went. Only it turns out it wasn’t really as cool today as yesterday, by like ten or fifteen degrees, so that on what was easily the best day I’ve seen in a year to be wearing sturdy jeans and a good t-shirt, I was nearly-sweating (but not quite! thanks, dove deodorant!) and just kind of uncomfortable.

Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass doors of a building and realized that I’m actually wearing the ugliest. fucking. sweater. ever. I literally paled. It’s hideous! There’s glitter involved, and fakefakefake diamond things, and a drawing of a fucking butterfly! I can’t even think about it, it makes me feel faint. When you consider my hotmess hair (I really, really need to get myself to a salon to straighten my roots – they’re nearly two inches and I look infuckingsane), and my poor, yellowed, unpolished, bittendown nails, and I probably look like I just, just barely function. Sigh.