So I’ve decided that posting madly for a couple of days and then disappearing for several months at a time is totally a valid schedule. I feel no shame! Meanwhile, a girl briefly abandons her blog and then come back to find everything’s changed! Dammit, wordpress! How am I supposed to publish a flurry of inconsequential and confusing updates on my life and readjust to the new interface* in the two or three days I have available before I must vanish once more??

Luckily, I have an impressive backlog of unpublished drafts. Although, I’m not sure how I feel about posting about my “new job!” now that I’ve worked there for several months, been fired, and hired anew? Mmm.

*I have no idea if that’s the right word, there.

Also, I’ve just realized that the spell-check here doesn’t recognize “blog” as a real word. Oh, thanks again ,wordpress, I’ll be sure to change that to change that to “bog” (pretty appropriate, actually!) or “bldg” (really, spellcheck?) right away!