Yeah, now I’m sitting here trying to remember what we did on Wednesday, or separate the events of Tuesday from the events of Wednesday from the events of Thursday, and failing rather miserably.*

Either way, at some point, let’s say Wednesday, we made our way over to the large supermarket chain store nearby. We did this with Z. because he has a car and it would have been too far to walk comfortably. And now I’m certain that this was on Wednesday, because I remember the weirdness of  Z coming over to pick us up, and because we are useless girly stereotypes we weren’t ready for another twenty minutes because we were running around putting on make up and shit.

Eventually we did make it to the supermarket. Not much notable there, except that we spent almost eighty dollars, which was painful and actually traumatizing for me, but a necessity due to my sister having NOTHING in her fridge or cabinets. So now we were a lot more broke but we had enough food. Which is always a sign that you’ve got at least some of your shit together, and it makes me feel better to open the cabinets and have some options. Food: worth it.


I am drawing such a blank for this day. I mean, I want to say that we cleaned some more, and then made our way…somewhere? Went outside at some point? Did we see Z? I can’t remember anything. I mean, I like to think this is when we bought some olive oil for me to make my OCM potion, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. Possibly. If so, we must have also bought the V8 fusion juice, in an attempt to get healthy without actually engaging in health behavior like eating fruit/vegetables, and I suppose did a variety of other things which make for a really, really boring weblog entry. Can you tell how exciting and cool we are? But actually, the entire point of me being here is to help my sister finish school by taking over all of the housework and a helping to oversee the moving process (which has changed now from moving to finding someone to room with her and cover half the rent).

So we are not supposed to be having fun, so much. We are supposed to be working; though as a side-note I think that night we also stayed up too late watching crappy clips of trash online, or possibly a horrible movie, so we failed at both avoiding fun and working.

* I want to say that soon, I will be blogging events with a little more immediacy to avoid these blanks and sort of dragging narrative, but I won’t promise that because promises  seem to be life’s cue sweep in and fuck around with you. But that’s my intention for the near future, in any case.