Right now: eating Fruit Discs, the delicious supermarket-brand knock-off of Fruit Loops, half-watching Say Yes to the Dress, trying to read the articles my prof. sent me on interpersonal theories of suicide and re-checking the various jobhunting sites which have become staples of my internet history. So basically my life has become a mix of scrambling to cobble together some kind of professional future and then battling the waves of anxiety inherent in that effort with foodstuff, TV, internetwandering and shopping. Oh, shopping.

Now, I had previously thought I would abandon my department store gig at the first offer of anything in an office, where I can wear non-rubber soled shoes because I get a chair and there would be paper work and computer systems involved. After further reflection (and a minuscule, vaguely insulting raise – I now make *almost* a dollar more than minimum wage, isn’t that nice?) I’ve decided to stay put until I find a job in the actual field I want to enter, which is social/health services. After all, even if I found something in, say, a technological start-up company which was nice enough and paid more than I make right now, I would just keep job searching for the job I really want anyway, and then if I found it I would have to leave pretty soon after accepting, which I don’t like to do. Or maybe my reasoning makes no sense and I’m actually just super lazy. Whatever. This way simplifies things for me and makes me feel more focused.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been taking advantage of said crappy retail job to slowly build up the material trappings of an adult life. Probably from watching too much What Not To Wear, I’ve become much more interested in dressing less like a fourteen-year old and more like an adult. Until very recently I didn’t own any clothes at all except jeans and t-shirts, any shoes except sneakers and tennis shoes (and my beloved red Docs), I had a bookbag and a couple of rundown, old purses with missing hooks, zippers and handles.

So I’ve been slowly building a wardrobe which is respectable as well as true to my style – which I’m only just discovering anyway, so the timing is actually pretty good: had I done this earlier I would probably want to throw it all out now anyway. I’ve gotten a couple of nice shirts, a pair of nice, comfortable flats. My most recent acquisitions, which I am proud of to an inappropriate degree:

– A big giant purse, which is nice/adult enough to take to job interviews, work, etc., but also exactly what I wanted personally – big enough to fit my netbook, journal, agenda, wallet, etc., but casual (cotton, mostly) with sea-side colors (white, beige and mostly sunny-day ocean blue – I look at it and want to go swimming) – with a zipper and five different pockets. Came to $5.17 thanks to a sale, a coupon and my employee discount.

– A pencil skirt! Now, I always thought that I hated pencil skirts, because I am rather slim and thus always looking for things which will give the illusion of curves – big fan of a-lines, here – and I always thought that pencil skirts made you look narrow and flat. No thanks, right? Wrong! I loved each skirt I pulled on – I still don’t quite understand it myself, but I think it has something to do with the high waist and the way your hips look when you walk. I went with a dark gray with a black belt which I found in the clearance rack – not too tight or trendy, hits just below the knee, overall guaranteed to be appropriate for almost any job and yet still, I think, quite flattering. Cost after various discounts: $8.39.

I can’t believe I ever hated shopping.

ps: I would have pictures up, but my sister’s camera is dead (well, was killed after a bad fall….accidental cameracide) and my father took his camera with him when he fucked off to wherever, so I am camera-less. If I do get a hold of one I might come back and add pics later, because I really do think blog posts look quite bare without them.


– Tuesday


Finally bought our mother’s day presents this morning! I say “our” because I’m buying on behalf of myself, my dad and my little sister, in exchange for not having to spend my own money. It’s a fair deal, I guess, and after all, if we’re going to be honest, I wouldn’t trust either of them with picking out a gift even if they had such an inclination.

 I found a tablecloth perfect for our stylishly rustic kitchen, marked down from fifty dollars to fifteen (!). It’s pretty and I’m pretty damned pleased with myself. My mother’s been discontened with the one we have for a while now, because it’s ugly and plastic and holey and permanently dirty-looking. 

 Then I wandered around for an hour or so of confused indecision, and I had a giant cinnamon pretzel. I usually have a cinabon, but the girl at the counter was kind of rude to me, and the the pretzel boy was so nice. In his little apron and his twelve-year-old haircut and guileless smile. And, he gave me like fifteen napkins, and so was obviously utterly and hopelessly in love with me. I mean, obviously. I’m not saying that he wasn’t nice to everyone in line; just that I put a spell on him and now he’s mine. The pretzel was also surprisingly good. Mmm, pretzel. Mmm, eye candy. 

Later on, I bought these slipper-like things – well, the box calls them booties but that makes me think of babies and…I don’t want to think of my mom as a giant, forty-something baby. It disturbs me, frankly. The slippers are supposed massage and soothe your feet. I had to dig through thirty boxes to find one that was brown, and not pink or blue (again, with the baby theme!), and they cost about twenty dollars, marked down from some mystery price I never found out.


I wanted to end this post, but I felt like it was incomplete somehow. I sat there puzzling over what was missing for a few minutes before realizing it was – the lack of pictures! I’ve become addicted to having picatures accompany every post. So I ran out and took some.

These are the…slippers.

This is our dining-crook, with the plastic cover thing we have now. It looks worse in person, I think. It’s torn and stuff.

And the new tablecloth:

In person it looks really nice. Textured, like. Ooh, quality.

The picture of how it’s supposed to look on an actual table:

Fits in with our crook, right? Right?? As soon as I got to the store I obviously completely forgot what our home looks like. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but both kitchen and cloth have a kind of soft, worn, rustic feel to them. *shrug* Well, it’s returnable, anyway.