Another month, another blog. I like this layout, though, and hopefully that will be enough to restrain my inevitable compulsion to delete this after a few days and try to start over. I don’t enjoy abandoning good names and layouts, people.


I had this long, rambling – uh, hilarious, witty, insightful and cohesive post all set up and ready to go, but, m’eh…I deleted it. Instead, I’ll tell you what you need to know about me: I live with the parents. I go to school. I look for money. I fall intensely in and out of love with a certain type of guy within five minutes of meeting him. I’m a terrible speller. I’m amused by and carefully nurse a serious, debilitating addiction to Dove Smooth Milk Chocolates. I love my dog… death. Actually, I love dangerously in general. My hate, on the other hand? Pretty benign. I don’t want to be famous. I’m watching my sister sleep and her eyes do not close. I live in a large, sprawling, hot southern city and would like to not. It goes on, but it only gets even more unbelievably boring, so I’ll kill this now: my name is Tuesday. This is my blog.

*introduce self to universe…check!*